A Brief History of FACE

The Foundation for Advancement of Christian Education was Founded in 1976

The Foundation for Advancement of Christian Education (FACE) was established in 1976, by a group of St. James parishioners interested in the future of St. John’s Academy. These parishioners sought to secure community wide support (from Catholics and non-Catholics alike) for the Academy, which has provided high quality Catholic Christian education in the Jamestown, ND area since 1890.

For 41 years, FACE has provided tuition assistance to over 1,600 St. John’s Academy students. In addition, FACE has purchased much needed school desks, computer equipment and other school supplies.

FACE was a large donor to the construction of the Zebedee Center, which is attached to St. John’s Academy. All told, over $2 million has been distributed by FACE to St. John’s Academy.

FACE was established with the principle in mind that it will always continue to grow in order to provide much needed financial support to St. John’s Academy. As a result, usually only the investment earnings are used to provide the annual gift to the Academy, while fund principal continues to earn investment returns throughout the years.