“The Eternal 5%”

Each year we give only the interest earned from FACE donations to St. John’s Academy. This means, your donation
becomes an everlasting gift that impacts hundreds of children’s lives.

FACE has announced its contribution to St. John’s Academy for the 2016-17 school year.  We will be gifting the school with $102,266.00.  This includes three full scholarships from the Johnny & Glory Ebertz Scholarship Fund.  We have accomplished our goal of gifting at least $100,000 to St. John’s Academy annually!

Here are just a few things we do with “The Eternal 5%” every year.

Helping Families In Need

Not all families are able to afford a private education, but through the scholarships we provide each year, dozens of children are able to receive a private, faith-based education. To be more specific 1,500 students and counting.

Assist In Supplying The Best Teachers

FACE annually, can provide St. James Academy with the funds needed to compensate an educator.

Providing Classroom Equipment

In order to assure the continuation of high quality education we purchase much needed equipment such as computers, desks and other classroom items.

Special Projects

FACE is more than scholarships! We’ve also assisted in special projects such as helping pay for construction of the Zebedee Center.